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The Fitting Room

La Bratique, Your Team of Bra Fit Professionals
Save Time, Money and Frustrations. Shop at La Bratique?

Tired of trying to find the right bra by yourself? Frustrated with not getting good results using an online bra size calculator or measurement system? Fed-up with mediocre results from a so called bra specialist?  La Bratique's professional bra fitting experts make all the difference. 

Let's be honest, there are a lot of bad bras out there - department stores are filled with them. Fabrics are flimsy and can't maintain or offer a flattering shape. Most bra brands only go up to a DD cup, 30 or 32 bands are almost impossible to find and there is no one there to explain why one option is better than another for you.


At La Bratique, we offer bra fittings by TRAINED professionals. We can tell you why each item was selected for our store and how each one fits differently. You may be between band or cup sizes and need one that falls right in between. Our experienced fitters are here to make the best recommendations possible. Our goal is to provide you with excellent fitting bras.

Tracy Anderson
Senior Fitter, Buyer
and Owner

Tracy has 8 years of industry experience as owner, buyer and bra fitter of La Bratique. She has been coined the "Bra Scientist" by Twin Cities Live and won Best Bra Fitter by Minnesota Monthly. Why did Tracy get into the bra business? "I was overwhelmed by the number of choices and styles on the market and never had a bra that really fit comfortably. I decided to do the research to find out what a good fit meant, test products to ensure quality and then offer a selection of the best brands and styles on the market for fit, shapes that compliment a woman's silhouette and add value for the dollar spent. Confidence in how you look is directly related to what you are wearing." Tracy's favorite brands are Fit Fully Yours and Prima Donna.

Jackie Wallin
Senior Bra Fitter, Store Manager and Buyer

Jackie has 6 years of bra fitting experience at La Bratique and has been certified for fit by the parent company of Elomi, Fantasie and Freya. With Jackie's assistance, La Bratique has won Best Bra Specialty store by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and was a national finalist for Best of Intima Choice Award, a national competition voted on by the industry. Why does Jackie love her job? "I get to help women feel great about themselves every day and see the transformation she goes through when they finally fit into a flattering and supportive bra." Jackie's favorite brand is Chantelle and Wacoal. 

 Trudie Anderson 

Trudie is interested in learning all aspects of the business: Inventory management, product selection, fittings and customer service. Her favorite brands are Panache and Fit Fully Yours 

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