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A Collection of Support

"Our Clients have been like business partners to La Bratique, telling us what is important to them, which bra styles and shapes flatter their silhouettes, what fabrics they like for comfort, support, and fit, and how each style and brand holds up over the long run."

We are a professional bra fitting service dedicated to educating women on their most important garment of the day, their BRA. With so many options to choose . from, selecting a bra that supports you and flatters your figure can be tricky. During a professional bra fitting appointment, La Bratique's trained bra fitting professional will help you choose the perfect fit from our first rate assortment.

How We Choose Products

for Our Store

Since we began in 2007, we have refined our bra selections through client feedback, extensive knowledge and continuous product testing. We offer you a first rate assortment of brands, styles and fabrics to meet all of your bra demands at various price points. If we wouldn't choose the bra for our personal day-to-day wear, you won't find it in our store.

Fit Tested

Our products have NOT been selected by buyers in a corporate office or by the store owners who want to show only the newest and hottest fashion items. Instead, our bra assortment has been hand selected and then tested by our team of experienced bra fitters. We look to see how much stretch is in a fabric, if the cups hug the body, how deep or shallow the cup is built, does the bra offer a flattering shape, does it fill a niche in our assortment, etc.... the list could go on. Twice a year we do extensive research prior to going to market to see what trends are new in the industry, what manufacturers are new to the United States, and what brands are regularly reviewed positively by consumers. We offer only the best bras the industry has to offer. 

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