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Anita Brand Bras

Custom Bra Fitting

Anita has been working on the fit, quality, and comfort of their products every day for over 130 years.


Their objective is the creation of ‘timeless looks’ – never short-lived trends – i.e. designs that look good today and still will in three years' time! They want their products to contribute to the quality of life of their wearers.

All Anita products are tested over and over again on various product testers and models of different sizes. They are tested for everyday life and measurements and corrections are made on an ongoing basis to create an unrivaled fit.


Once all the items and series have their final approval, a matching cutis is created for each size and each cup. Depending on the article, that can mean up to 50 individual cuts. Other companies take a much easier route by simply 'upgrading'. That means they create a base cut in e.g. size 75 C, and then just add a set amount of millimeters per cut for any size above. That may be a much simpler solution, but it often results in an inferior fit. Anita really picks up each individual cup and size combination and makes sure they develop the very best. Their cutters work on the PC and on real women until absolutely everything fits perfectly!

As a 100% family-run business, ANITA operates all production companies in compliance with European standards, with its own management personnel.


They ensure optimal working conditions for everyone working in their facilities – be it in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Thailand, or Myanmar.


In terms of Anita the company, they want to always ensure that all their jobs around the world offer fair pay and optimal working conditions. Anita employs over 1,750 people worldwide – and all these people have 1,750 families depending on them. That is a huge responsibility!


At La Bratique, we are proud to offer a range of sport, nursing, and everyday fashion bras from Anita. Our customers enjoy the perfection of fit, comfort and unapparelled quality fabrics.  

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Bra Fitting Store

5544 Air Control Maximum Support Sport Bra


Available colors: Anthracite or Smart Rose

Price: $79

Our AIR CONTROL DELTAPAD sports bra merges functionality and style to create the ideal sports bra for every active woman. Our exclusive Delta Pad design ensures maximum support while the ultra-light mesh fabric allows for optimal air circulation.


5567 Extreme Control Plus – Large Cup Sports Bra to a K cup

Available colors: Anthracite or Black

Price: $99

You are looking for a good sports bra for big cup sizes? The extreme control plus sports bra, which was developed specifically for big cup sizes up to a K cup is just what you are looking for. The model comes with all the features you expect from extreme control and adds a few nifty tech designs for good measure: The five-part cups offer plenty of cup depth and a firm fit. There are no uncomfortable seams anywhere on the skin, special ventilation zones, a functional, doubled up shoulder

5035  Basic Underwired Nursing Bra to a J Cup  

Available colors: Skin

Price: $69


5068  Basic Microfiber Underwired Nursing Bra to a I Cup

Available colors: Skin

Price: $59

Anita's bestselling BASIC nursing bra has seamlessly pre-shaped cups with nursing clips that permit easy and quick access to the breast. The naturally shaping underwire molds softly to the bust and provides gentle support.


Band sizes 32-40


Cup sizes E-I

5091  Miss Debby – Non-wired Nursing Bra


Available colors: Heather Grey

Price: $39

Relaxed crop top look or maybe a low-cut feel-good bra? The nursing bra Miss Debby does both. A drawstring at the center front allows you to change its look from a charmingly rounded and rouged cleavage to a more sporty, uncomplicated, straight crop top style. Made of a soft cotton and viscose blend, the bra feels just as comfortable as a good soft bra. Additional functional details ensure a perfect fit and comfort while nursing.

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