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How to Create a Perfectly Fitted Bra Wardrobe

The bra industry has put a lot of time, effort and marketing dollars into telling you that the newest bra calculation or style is the key to bra happiness. We're here to tell you that even the most well thought out calculation will most likely fail.

Why, you ask? Each breast and body shape may require something uniquely different. Unfortunately, finding the right bra size is not as easy as following a recipe to bake a cake. Some call it a science; most fitters call it an art.

Unfortunately, finding the right bra size is not as easy as following a recipe to bake a cake.

Some call it a science; most fitters call it an art.

Our fitters spend considerable time learning about fabrics, bra construction and fit to understand how each and every style in the store is unique. Just as no two bras are alike, no two women are either. As professional fitters, it is our job to understand how your individual silhouette comes together with a bra’s unique construction to ensure proper fit.

At La Bratique, we rely on the Four F’s when first selecting a bra:


Function is defined as: to work or operate in a particular way.

The first thing one of our trained bra fitters will ask is, “What do you want the bra to do?”

Typical responses and our translations include:

“Define my breasts from my waist and/or minimize them” – A stiffer fabric, a seamed bra, or a shape with a slight angle is required.

“I need more support” - My band is too big.

“Comfort” - A soft fabric that moves with you and/or a bigger cup to encompass all of the breast tissue.

“Smooth under shirts” - A contour cup or a seamless option.

“Play up my assets for low cut tops” - Something with lace, a plunge or balconette style, or a fashion color; fashion does not mean a sacrifice of fit.

Most people have a very good idea of what they would like the bra to do; they just don’t know where to begin. At La Bratique, our trained fitters will work through the best options for you and talk about why you might choose one over the other.Schedule a Bra Fitting Appointment


Now that we have determined what function you would like the bra to achieve, we can get down to fit.

Fit is the proper balance between cup and band size. The band needs to be small enough to hug your frame and the cup needs to be deep enough to encompass all of your breast tissue. The center gore should sit flat against your breast bone.

When trying on a bra, it is imperative that you lean forward and with the opposite hand scoop your breast tissue from the bottom outside corner of the bra to the base of your neck. Once all of the tissue is in your cup, hold the top part of the cup with your opposite hand and grab where the corner wire and band connect and shake the tissue down into the bottom of your cup. If you have breast tissue coming out the side or the top, your cup is not deep enough. If the band is pulling away from your center breastbone or your tissue is coming out the bottom, your band is too big.

fastionable bra

Last but not least, your straps should not be tightened to provide lift. A strap that is too tight can create posture issues and divots in your shoulders, they can cause head and neck aches and they can pull the bra band up creating the dreaded back-fat. For comfort, you should be able to run a finger easily between your shoulder and the strap when your band is sitting parallel or below the front of your bra.

Again, there are too many variables in the equation of fit to try and accomplish success on your own, call for an appointment or stop in and we will take the guess work out it. We guarantee you will not only be happier with the results, but we will also save you time, money and frustration by selecting a perfectly fitted bra the first time you shop. Schedule a Bra Fitting Appointment


How many times have you chosen a bra for the color, how it looks on the hanger or because it is in “your size”? Statistics show that over half of bras purchased are hardly or never worn. That is a lot of wasted money, only to be frustrated time and time again.

Once you have determined function and fit, you can add fashion to make your bra wardrobe your own. A pop of color can brighten your day or give you courage, it can make you feel femininely beautiful or it can seduce on date night. Whatever your goal, now is the time to add fashion details.

Forms of Fashion:

Color, lace, sheer, plunging for great cleavage, a balconet to show off the top part of your breasts, etc. Schedule a Bra Fitting Appointment


Breasts are a fact of life and shouldn't cause you any embarrassment. Our trained fitters are here to educate you and help you make great choices for your unique frame and style. The more you know about fit, fabrics, shape and styles, the more fun you will have adding items to your intimate’s wardrobe.

Besides, it’s not what bra size you are, it's how you dress them up.

Love your body, love your shape, and love your bra.

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